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The Challenges and Rewards of the Intercultural Family
 This is a community to discuss the challenges and rewards of being in a intercultural family. You might be interested in this community if you‘re:
  • in a relationship with someone from another culture
  • raising children with one or more cultures and/or languages
  • raising children in a country different from your own
  • child of an intercultural family
  • interested in intercultural relationships

Membership to our community is moderated, but we will approve most member applications with the exceptions of blank journals, suspicious journals, and journals whose owners obviously have a bigoted view of the world. Membership can be declined at the moderators’ discretion. We want this community to remain a safe and supportive forum for all our members.

We are also a very close knit community, and for this reason we would love to get to know you. We expect new members to introduce themselves within two weeks! Please include a little bit about yourself, where you and your significant other come from, where you live, and anything else we might find interesting.


Things That Will Get You Banned

* re-posting or linking community content or comments to third-party sites such as Facebook or snark communities. This excludes reusing content which you contributed excluding comments. Please respect the creative rights of others.

*Being a general snark, troll, bigot, or drama queen. Inflammatory language and name calling will not be tolerated. We are all adults here, so we can very well discuss things in a civil and respectful fashion.

Additional Rules
  • Respect the feelings of other members
  • Be open minded
  • Don’t delete posts or comments without moderator approval
  • Lengthy posts and photos should be put behind a LJ cut. If you don’t know how it works, please see here.
  • Community and blog promos are acceptable as long as they relate to our community.
  • Commercial advertisements are not allowed
  • Please avoid cross posting unless it is absolutely necessary
These Rules are subject to change based on the needs of the community.

Still have questions? Then feel free to contact your maintainers irgendwo, kill_the_onions, or rubiadejimani.